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Group Home and Auto Programs

groupA Group Home and Auto program provided by Rhodes & Williams can offer substantial discounts for the group members’ personal insurance needs.  With access to Economical Select for your Group Program, Rhodes & Williams can place your organization with a leading insurance company that will custom fit the program to your needs and maximize savings for your members.

Benefits for the Employer/Association and Members:

  • A value-added program, at no cost to your organization
  • No administrative duties and voluntary involvement  for your employees
  • Convenient payment options with no interest, service charges or fees
  • Personalized insurance counselling from licensed professionals
  • Fast, fair, courteous 24-hour claim service across North America at one toll-free number
  • All marketing material is pre approved by the employer/association at no cost to the organization
  • Marketing  initiatives tailored to match your group’s needs and communication channels

Rhodes & Williams administers a variety of group home and auto insurance programs for several different employee groups and associations, including:

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She cheerfully and patiently answered all of my questions to my satisfaction (before I was a customer) when other companies left me wanting.

Darlene (North York)

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