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Renters Insurance

as Low as $19/mo



You're in control. Tailor your coverage to protect what's most important to you.

Specifically designed for renters, we offer excellent coverage. It's easy, tell us a little about where you live then select the replacement value of your belongings and get a solution quickly.

Renters insurance often includes coverage for items you may not own or automatically limit the maximum value of your items. We don't want you to pay for anything you don't need, that's not how we do things. If you own something special such as a Trek road bike, Nikon DSLR camera or a Macbook Pro, you'd want peace of mind knowing they'd be adequately protected.

No matter how careful you are, there's always a risk that your possessions could be stolen or damaged. Protect yourself and your belongings if the unexpected happens. For as little as $5 a week, you can have all your damaged possessions replaced with new items.


  • Protect your belongings and your liability
  • Up to $100,000+ in coverage for your contents
  • Choose between $1M or $2M in liability coverage
  • Optional extras to tailor the policy for your special items and/or needs
  • Includes coverage for your items even while outside your home

Need Renters Insurance

It depends on who you`re renting from but nowadays, the majority of landlords require it as a condition of renting.

If you are renting a property or apartment, it is important to be aware that your personal belongings and other contents within your residence will not be covered under your landlord’s insurance policy. This means if you don't have renters insurance and there's a fire or a break-in, you`re out of luck.

Renters insurance also automatically include liability protection, which cover injuries to another person on your property if you're sued. Also covered, would be property damage you cause to neighbours. For example, lets say a fire that originated from your apartment causes others fire, smoke or flood damage, you can and may be sued by your neighbours’ and your landlord’s insurance companies.

Renters Insurance Coverage

That`s up to you ─ pay for what you need. Start as low as $20,000 or cover up to $100,000 plus. You also choose whether you want to pay a $500 or $1000 deductible in case of a claim. You`re in control.

Take a look around your home and determine what it would cost to replace everything in each room – your electronics, clothes, shoes, furniture or appliances. The best thing to do is make a list and take pictures of what you own.

It may seem unlikely today, but incidents do happen ─ your fault or not. The best thing to do is be prepared. For as little as $5 a week, approximately the cost of a Starbucks coffee, you can have all your belongings replaced and be protected from liability in case of an incident.



After repeated problems with our current insurance broker I got in touch with @ottawainsurance from Rhodes & Williams Insurance Brokers who I had the pleasure of meeting on Twitter and then at a local get-together ... they actually came at a significant savings!

Sara McConnell

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