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7 Steps to Arranging Car Insurance When Moving from Out-of-Province

One of the requirements of registering a vehicle in Ontario is that you have proof of insurance. Here’s a quick rundown of the steps you need to take when moving from out of province.

7 of the steps you need to take
  1. Contact the license bureau of the province you are moving from and obtain a copy of your driving history.
  2. Contact your current insurance company and ask for a “Letter of Experience”.  This letter will list how long you have had coverage and any claims you may have had.  Most insurance companies will not accept a letter that is more than 30 days old so don’t get this too far in advance
  3. Go to Service Ontario and get your Ontario Driver’s License.
  4. Contact Rhodes & Williams Insurance to discuss what insurance options are available to you.  An insurance broker has access to many insurance companies and can help you choose what coverages you need.
  5. Once insurance has been arranged, you will be given a temporary liability card which you must present to Service Ontario when arranging the registration.  It is important to note that your insurance is not valid until the vehicle is actually registered and plated in Ontario.
  6. Go to a Service Ontario location and register the vehicle (get your plates and ownership).
  7. Call your previous (out of province) insurance company and have them cancel your former policy.

This list is to be considered a guide only and does not represent every situation possible. You are strongly advised to speak with your broker to discuss your specific situation.

Tommmy Porteous
Account Executive

Tommy is a RIBO licensed Ontario Insurance Broker and can guide you through the steps needed to get your car licensed and properly insured in Ontario. Contact Tommy Porteous or call 613-226-6590 for more information about moving to Ontario from a different province. 

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