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A Room-By-Room Look at What Renters Insurance Could Do For You

We know what you’re thinking. I can’t afford to buy insurance. I’m already paying rent and have enough expenses to cover each month. But how much do you think it would cost to replace all of the items in your apartment? Let’s do a little math…

What’s your stuff really worth?

Everything adds up, and even the “little things” are worth more than you might think.

In the bedroom

  • Queen-size mattress, $1,000
  • Sheet set, $100
  • Duvet, $150
  • Clothes & shoes (heels and runners), $2,500
  • Tablet and case, $700

Total: $4,450

In the office

  • MacBook Pro, $1,600
  • Printer/scanner, $100
  • Digital camera, $500
  • Office furniture, $500

Total: $2,700

In the living room

  • Flat screen TV, $400
  • BluRay player, $100
  • Coffee table, $200
  • Sofa bed, $1,000
  • Shelving unit with DVD and book collection, $1,500
  • Dining table & chairs, $400

Total: $3,600

In the kitchen

  • Juicer, $300
  • Microwave, $150
  • Groceries, $150
  • Pots and pans set, $700
  • Stand mixer, $400

Total: $1,700

And the grand total is — drumroll, please… $12,450

That’s a lot of stuff you’d have to replace if it were stolen or lost in a fire. Thankfully, tenant insurance has your back. Talk to a licensed broker to learn about your options and get covered today.

The prices listed above are estimates based on current retail trends, and they are intended to illustrate the approximate value of items that might be found in your home.

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All in all, you likely have at least $12,000 worth of stuff that you’ll have to replace if the unthinkable happens. Without renters insurance, not only will you need to find a new apartment and pay for a place to stay in the meantime, but you’ll likely need to replace that $1,600 laptop and $1,000 mattress yourself, too.
Renters insurance has you covered when it matters most — and it protects a lot more than your stuff. Learn about some of the other ways renters insurance can protect you or talk to one of our knowledgeable brokers to find out more.


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