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Are you Moving Your Parents into a Nursing Home? Do They Need Insurance?

It is possible that your current home insurance policy includes coverage for “parents in a nursing home”, but is it the right protection for your situation?

It is important to review this coverage with your Rhodes & Williams Insurance Broker to confirm if it is automatically provided in your specific policy and that it is enough for your loved one’s contents and liability at their new residence.

The declaration page of your insurance policy will not usually include these details, however, your Broker can easily confirm this information for you.  The coverage varies by each insurance company so it is always best to call your trusted insurance broker with your questions, to confirm you are protected.

Explore the option of including parents on your own policy as there may be coverage already included, and you may not need to spend more on a separate tenant insurance package. Nursing home costs are expensive, so saving money, if appropriate, is always important. If there is a need for tenant insurance to protect your loved one’s belongings and their liability, we are happy to help with determining needs and helping you purchase that coverage.

Whether the nursing home is assisted living or independent living may factor into whether an insurance company would be willing to add this to an existing policy. The value of the contents, as well as the type of contents, will affect the kind of insurance needed. Some may need coverage for standard personal belongings; others may be looking for specialty coverage on higher valued items such as jewelry, furs, or artwork. So as you can see, this is definitely something to talk through with your trusted advisor.

Contact your Rhodes & Williams Insurance Broker now to find out if you already have this valuable coverage on your policy, or to establish a plan to get the proper protection.

Have questions or comments about this piece?  Contact us to let us know.  At Rhodes & Williams, we aspire to support your everyday comforts by providing insurance products and coverage to keep you protected.  Give us a call today to discuss any of your insurance needs at 888-391-8379.

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