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The Crazy Fisherman Insurance Clause

Written by: Heather Bonadie

Do you have the “Crazy Fisherman Insurance Clause”?

This is definitely not a clause you will find written in any “official” boat insurance document. The fishermen that need the “Crazy Fisherman boat insurance clause” don’t think they are crazy, they just love fishing…. but is their loved fishing boat properly protected?

Let me try to explain with a bit of analogy. Most people who are not passionate golfers, would think going out as soon as the courses open… or the last day before they close when snow flurries are flying around – would be crazy! Picture that golfing nut out there – barely able to hold their clubs because their fingers are frozen – just so they can get their first or last golf game in. To the non-golfer, this is crazy. If there was an insurance product related to this – you might need the “Crazy Golfer Insurance Clause!” This does not exist, and neither does the “Crazy Fisherman Boat Insurance Clause”, but it is a loving term used by our boat insurance experts ─ which is helpful in explaining a very important issue related to boat insurance for our many “Crazy Fishermen” Clients.

Explanation of the “Crazy Fisherman Insurance Clause”

Most standard boat insurance policies have what is called a lay-up period. This means that your policy states that your boat is “laid-up” (i.e. out of the water) from December 1st until April 1st each year. This shouldn’t be a problem for some of those people who are perfectly normal to avid fishermen, but crazy to those who are not! For example, do you put on your warmest coat and mitts, get in your boat, and fish Muskie in to the month of December? If so, I have some bad news… you are a Crazy Fisherman ─ but I also have some good news. There are options to make sure you are covered, because at Rhodes & Williams Insurance Brokers, we like to cover all client, especially the Crazy Fishermen!

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