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Flooding & Home Insurance: 5 Key Questions Answered

The environment is changing – temperatures are on the rise impacting weather conditions everywhere. We only need to turn on our TV each week to see the news covering the next severe hurricane, tropical storm or flooding. In fact, flooding now represents 40% of all natural disasters and has become the #1 threat to your home.

Flooding & Home Insurance – Am I Covered?

Most Canadians don’t know what their home insurance policies cover when it comes to water damage. Depending on your policy, water coming into your home from torrential rainfall, overland water and spring thaw may NOT be automatically covered. Whether you own, rent or are a landlord; how water impacts you will vary so understanding your insurance policy and coverage is now more important than ever.

Here are the Top 5 questions our Brokers are asked each day:

  1. I already have home insurance, so am I covered for water damage?
    Your basic policy may only covers water damage for things like burst pipes. Sewer Back-up is an option and not automatically included. Overland Water or Flood is new coverage. Speak to your Broker to find out what is and isn’t covered by your policy.
  2. Is water and flood coverage the same with every insurance company?
    Each company manages their water coverage slightly different – with some companies, coverage is optional, some read the coverage in automatically and some have eligibility requirements that may limit or restrict the coverage available altogether.
  3. Is the new overland water/flood coverage available to everyone?
    Overland water and flood is available to the vast majority of customers but every insurer has eligibility requirements. For example, where you live and your proximity to bodies of water could impact your coverage.
  4. I am a renter/condo owner in a high-rise, why do I need extra water coverage?
    Those living in a high rise building do not think about their unit being rendered unlivable when excessive water on the main floor knocks out power or disables elevators. Without the proper coverage you run the risk of having to pay out of pocket to make alternate living arrangements while it takes time for these things to be repaired.
  5. I live on a hill ─ why do I need overland water/sewer back up?
    Overland water insurance can cover more than just water rising over the river banks. Torrential rainfall or spring melting are both significant sources of surface water that could enter your home and this could happen wherever you reside. Water coming in from sewer pipes or drains, from septic back up or failed sump pumps are also common claims that are covered with Sewer Back-up on your policy.

The brokers at Rhodes & Williams are here to help you protect your property, this is our top priority. With water claims on the rise it’s vital to have the coverage you need when you need it the most. If you would like to discuss your water coverage options or any other insurance needs, please contact us at 888-391-8379. For more information, please visit

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