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Is Earthquake Coverage Necessary In Ottawa?

You may ask yourself, “Why do I need earthquake coverage for my home in Ottawa, I do not live in a high risk zone.” Well in fact that is not true.

Natural Resources Canada explains; each year, approximately 450 earthquakes occur in eastern Canada, of these 25 will be felt. Over the course of a decade on average, this will include three events greater than magnitude 5.

Natural Resources Canada (04/26/2013) Earthquakes Canada. Received from

The employees at Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction have even taken it one step further, and created an online Earthquake Risk Mapping Tool that uses your postal code to determine if you are indeed in a high risk area.

Surprising to some, Ottawa, the Ottawa Valley and Eastern Ontario extended to the Quebec border is one of the highest areas susceptible to earthquakes in Canada. Most of us are naive to believe that “The Big One” won’t happen in our lifetimes because it hasn’t happened yet. Earthquakes are unpredictable and just because it hasn’t’ happened yet doesn’t mean it can’t, and wont.

Speak to your broker on how you can protect yourself from earthquakes.

Brian Cummings
Account Executive

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