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Navigational Limits

We have been waiting a long time for the nice weather to arrive and hopefully we are turning a corner on all of this rain ─ and only have sunshine in the future. Even with the delay to spring, most people now have their boats in the water. This means that it’s time to think about reviewing your boat insurance.

If you have your boat are at your cottage or campground and pretty much never leave the area, than you are likely within your navigational limits. What are Navigational Limits you might ask? The simple answer is they explain where insureds can and cannot take their property. Your broker should have made sure to have you covered in the proper area when your policy was set up.

If you like to move around and boat and fish different places, it is important to make sure that you are within the navigational limits of your policy, or that you have permission from the company to exceed the limit. Many companies can add a rider to your policy which will allow you to take your boat outside of the limits.

The companies that Rhodes & Williams deal with for boat insurance all cover you “north of the 40th parallel”. However. if you have your boat insured with another broker or company, it would be wise to check and know what area your policy covers. Knowing your limits is just one more way to make sure you have proper boat insurance coverage.

Happy Boating.

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