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Ontario’s Drive Clean Testing Fee Eliminated

Starting April 1, 2017, Ontario will eliminate the initial Drive Clean testing fee at registration renewal for vehicles seven years old. The province will cover the cost of your first Drive Clean emission test ─ saving you the $30 fee. It’s important to know vehicles seven years and older must still pass the emissions tests. If the vehicle fails the initial emissions test, you’ll have to pay for the re-test and any repairs that may be needed to meet the province’s emission standards.

The fee is only waived for drivers of cars, vans, SUVs and light-duty vehicles (vehicles weighing 4,500 kg or less). Drivers of heavy-duty vehicles still have to pay for the test.

Emissions tests are required every two years once a vehicle is seven years old ─ according to its model year. You can find the model year of the vehicle on your registration certificate or with your VIN number online. For more information about the Drive Clean program or to find out if you need an emissions test, visit the Ontario Drive Clean website

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