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Spring Driving Tips


It’s that time again ─ Spring is finally here! But is your automobile ready for the warm weather?
Your Spring Auto To Do List:

1. Windshield Wipers: Check them for wear and cracks, and replace them if necessary. Remove your winter wipers if applicable and install your summer blades.

2. Windshield Washer Fluid: Always remember to keep extra windshield washer fluid in your vehicle. Spring brings dirt, dust and insects that can obscure your vision.

3. Clean the Interior: It’s easy to use your car or truck as a storage area for all kinds of things (including useless junk and garbage), especially in the cold months when you don’t feel like cleaning your car. Take time to declutter your car; losing the extra weight can significantly increase your gas mileage, too. It’s worth it.

4. Clean the Exterior: Take special care to address the undercarriage where road salt can eat away or corrode the metal. A thorough cleaning at a car wash should do the trick.

5. Tire Pressure: Cold weather can reduce tire pressure and decrease your gas mileage, so make sure all tires, including the spare, are properly inflated. Check the inside of your car door to find out what the proper air pressure should be.

6. Winter Tire Removal: The first day of spring has come and gone. It is recommended to swap your winter tires for your all-season or summer tires once the average daily temperatures are over +7C. Winter tires are not made to take the heat and will wear prematurely, ultimately costing you more money.

7. Spring Check-up: If you are due for a scheduled maintenance make sure your preferred garage does a complete check-up of all the major systems in your vehicle, including an inspection of your brakes and fluids. Winters are harsh in Canada and recommended service schedules are usually affected by this. Under extreme temperatures, maintenance intervals are usually decreased.

8. Insurance: For those of you with a summer car or motorcycle, remember to contact your broker to reinstate proper coverage prior to taking it out on the road.

9. Practice Safe Driving Habits: Always check your mirrors and blind spots. Spring brings out cyclists and bikers who can hide in unseen areas.

10. Avoid Potholes: It is this time of the year that we see many potholes. Stay well behind the vehicle in front of you so that you can avoid these holes that can wreak havoc on your tires and rims. To report a pothole problem to the City of Ottawa, visit the Pothole on the road reporting system website.

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