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Spring Thaw

Spring is on the way, protect your home during the thaw!

Do you feel the temperature rising? Do you hear the birds chirping? Are you starting to see more sunlight? Don’t be fooled ─ despite it being well below 0 degrees, spring is right around the corner!

Here are some tips to help your home once the thaw begins!

1. Make sure that all water is running away from the home and not towards it
  • Shovel trenches or paths that run away from the home
  • Make sure all downspouts and eaves troughs are pointing away from the dwelling
  • Remove ice or snow blockage from the bottom of the downspouts to make sure they are operating properly
2. If you have a basement that does flood, be proactive not reactive
  • Remove all valuable items from the basement
  • Lift large items onto cinderblocks or other non-rotting materials a few inches off the ground
3. Be aware of ice damming
  • One of the most common causes of winter damage
  • Ice damming occurs when water builds up behind ice and has nowhere else to go but into your home
  • Homes with cool attics tend to have this less frequently
  • Removing snow from the roof is the best preventative measure
  • Safety is priority, hiring a professional is suggested

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