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7 tips to protect your home from basement flooding

With the climate changing and weather patterns more unpredictable than ever, flooding has become the primary concern for water damage in household basements. The potential…

Sump Pump 101

When it comes to preventing flooding in your home, sump pumps are among the most valuable tools at your disposal, especially during heavy rainfalls or snowmelt season. Learn how sump pumps work and how you can keep yours flowing smoothly all year long.

How To Prevent Flood Damage in Your Home

When water ends up where it doesn’t belong, it can do a good deal of damage — but many homeowners don’t think about preventing water…

How to Prepare for More Severe Weather

It’s no secret that climate change is leading to more frequent and more severe weather events and catastrophes around the world. Here in Canada, some…

Does Insurance Cover Flooding? Is it Considered an Act of God?

I asked  Twitter if anyone had real estate questions that they would like answered.  One question was:  “What is covered and what is not covered when…

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