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Tips to Save Money and Energy This winter

There were some extremely cold days this year ─ obviously we have to stay warm. Here are a few tips to have your heat running, but keeping your costs down.

1. Prevent drafts

Make sure all of your doors have properly installed weather stripping.
Silicone around windows, or plastic wrap can be used as a temporary substitute.

2. If you have a chimney, block it or use it

Heat rises and will quickly find the quickest way out.
Use a properly installed blocker to block the damper or use the fireplace for what it was made for.
Make sure it has been properly maintained and cleaned before its being used.
A fireplace can heat the room you’re using most while keeping the cost of gas down.

3. Have your thermostat adjusted to your lifestyle

If you’re at work all day, your home doesn’t need to stay at tropical temperatures. Lower the temp during the day and have it turn back on just before your home.
The same concept can apply when you’re sleeping, most of us are covered in blankets anyway. 1-2 degrees less will only be noticeable on your energy bill.

4. Clean your appliances

Your fridge, freezers, microwaves and other items all have air filters that are rarely maintained. This can cause over use and in turn more energy being wasted.
Take time once a year to get dirty and clean out all filters.

5. It’s not BBQ season, doesn’t mean your BBQ won’t work

Your oven is the single biggest waste of energy in your home. Winter months cause for more frequent oven use and less time on other means of cooking.
If your BBQ isn’t under a foot of snow, fire it up, put a jacket on a grill that steak you’ve been craving. Trust me, summer or winter ─ the BBQ is always tasty.

Brian Cummings
Account Executive
[email protected]

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