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Top Reasons for Car Accidents in Ontario

We see them, we hear about them, our daily commutes are affected by them, and yes, sometimes, we are also involved in them. According to the Ministry of Transportation there were over 35,000 personal injury and fatal collisions in Ontario in 2018. That is almost 100 car accidents a day!

If you speak to any law enforcement officer, they will agree that 99.9% of accidents can be prevented. So if they can be prevented, why do we keep getting into accidents?

Ultimately it’s the day-to-day decisions that we make; we get into routine, driving becomes a habit and we often let important factors slip our mind which unfortunately could cost the ultimate price.

Here are the top four reasons for car accidents in Ontario:
  • Careless/distracted driving
    • This has been on the rise and is becoming the number one reason for car accidents due to the rapid increase of cellphone and mobile use. This means texting/emailing/phone calls while behind the wheel.
    • Eating, reading (yes some people choose to read the newspaper while driving), applying cosmetics, trying to assist others in the car (children/pets etc.).
  • Speeding
    • This continues to be a leading cause of accidents in Ontario. SLOW DOWN! Mathematically, it barely saves you any time. The difference between 100km/h and 130km/h over a 10km span is 1 minute and 23 seconds. Worth it? Don’t think so.
  • Impaired driving
    • Despite the efforts of groups like MADD, many people still choose to drink and drive. Some studies have shown that rates of impaired driving have been on the decline, but others are stating the opposite. With Cannabis being legalized in Canada some groups are afraid that this will continue to climb. Driving drunk or high contributes to a large portion of accidents, especially fatal ones, in Ontario.
  • Weather
    • If everyone drove according to the conditions, weather shouldn’t hinder your driving experience. Avoid speeding and distractions during bad weather and you should still arrive at your destination safely. However snow, ice, and rain can all affect your vehicle’s performance. Stopping distance, traction and visibility are major factors that change when Mother Nature decides to show her colours.

Most accidents are avoidable. We all should value the importance of our lives. Before hitting the road think about how you can make your drive safer for you, the people in your car, and the people on the road next to you.

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