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Top Vehicles stolen in Canada – 2021

Equite Association has published its annual list of the most frequently stolen automobiles in Canada, which is generated using data from its members across the country. After attaining the fifth position last year, Ford F series trucks reached the top position again in 2021.

Why are vehicles stolen?

One of the major reasons thieves steal a vehicle, as explained by Interpol is “For organized criminal groups, the acquisition, shipment, and trade of stolen vehicles is a low-risk way to make profits. Stolen vehicles are frequently trafficked to finance and carry out other criminal activities, ranging from drug trafficking, arms dealing, people smuggling and international terrorism.”

Apart from using the vehicle for committing a crime, vehicles are also stolen to reach somewhere which is referred to as “joyriding” and selling the spare parts.

How safe are our vehicles?

As per the list of top stolen vehicles in Canada 2021 by Equite association, the first car without a theft-deterrent system made the list at number 24: a 2006 Ford F350 SD 4WD, 90 of which were stolen this year. Because there are more pickups in Alberta, more pickups are stolen.

People believe their vehicle is locked and safe with all the technological advancements, but an auto thief takes seconds to crack the lock and steal the car.

According to investigators, modern technology has made it considerably simpler to steal automobiles, and a pandemic-caused scarcity of semiconductor chips required for new cars has raised a demand for them.

Top 10 Stolen vehicles in Ontario
S.No. Make Model Year
1 Lexus RX Series 2018
2 Honda CR-V Series 2019
3 Honda Civic Series 2019
4 Toyota Highlander Series 2019
5 Chevrolet / GMC Silverado Series Sierra 1500 Series 2500 Series 3500 Series 2017
6 Ford F-150 Series F-250 Series F-350 Series F-450 Series 2017
7 Chrysler / Dodge Town & Country Series Grand Caravan Series Caravan Series Voyager Series 2019
8 Honda Accord Series 2018
9 Toyota Corolla Series 2017
10 Land Rover Range Rover 2016

Top vehicles stolen in each province with their details, is published in Equite Asscociation.

According to Equite Association, a new organization founded by the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s investigative section and CANATICS, which tracks car thefts across the nation, around 80,000 automobiles were stolen in the previous year, a 1% rise from the previous year.

IBC represents more than 90% of the non-government home, vehicle, and business insurance companies across Canada. It is highly regarded as a provider of automobile insurance rating information.

What can be done to prevent auto theft?

There are various tips that can prevent a vehicle from being stolen,

  • Keep the vehicle in the garage if possible.
  • Make sure the vehicle is locked all the time.
  • Try to park the vehicle in a well-lit area.
  • Use the Club steering wheel lock devices.
  • Don’t leave your vehicle running and unattended.
  • Keep your valuables hidden inside the car, put them in either trunk or somewhere away from sight.
  • Include theft insurance in your vehicle coverage.

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