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What is more important- Cost or Coverage?

When you are looking at your auto and property insurance policies, what is more important to you- the cost of the policy, or the coverage that is included?

Many different factors affect the calculation of your insurance cost in today’s world. Having a full understanding of the policy coverage that you have will provide the true value of your insurance protection.

If you have questions about your coverage, you should set up a time to discuss the details with your Rhodes & Williams insurance broker. Setting up a phone appointment allows both parties to set aside a specific time to dedicate their attention and focus to the conversation. We are always happy to educate our clients on the variables that affect the cost of their insurance coverage.

  • What limit of liability protection do you have?
  • Do you have any increased Accident Benefit coverage on your auto insurance?
  • What level of water protection do you have for your property?
  • What is your policy deductible?

Our customers often ask if we can explore the option of switching the policy to a different insurance company for some savings. Although we can explore alternate companies, it is not always the best solution. Insurance companies do offer loyalty discounts and constantly changing to a new company year over year will mean that you will not earn this discount going forward. Your loyalty with the insurance company could also help during a claim scenario.

Perhaps the next time you are comparing pricing with your neighbour, you should ask the question- What coverage does your policy include?

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