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Not-for Profit Insurance

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Not-for Profit Insurance in Canada

Potential lawsuits and claims are a reality for many not-for-profit organizations in Canada. But as a business owner, you can come out on top. How? Ensure you have the best and most affordable protection in the form of an insurance policy to avoid any financial losses.  

Not-For-Profit Insurance: A Secure Policy Comes Out Ahead 

Not-for-profit organizations in Canada operate across a variety of industries, but all share common risks. Our insurance brokers will put together a custom insurance plan for your business that properly manages these risks. We can also develop custom Group Insurance programs for your members.

What is Covered Under a Not-for-Profit Insurance Policy? 

Typically, a not-for-profit organization will require general insurance coverage similar to a for-profit business. Policy customization allows you to keep the insurance coverage you need and leave the rest.

Commercial General Insurance (CGI)

Commercial General Insurance covers your day-to-day business operations that protect you and your office space from bodily injury and property damage, respectively. A secure policy also protects your organization from lawsuits or other claims that could result from events and meetings. A common CGI claim is when a visitor slips and falls at your office, is injured and files a claim for medical costs. While accidents and events that result in a claim are out of your control once they happen, adequate not-for-profit insurance is at your fingertips and keeps your business running despite the everyday risks.

D&O Liability Insurance

Director and Officers (D&O) insurance supports past and current board members from prosecution if a claim is submitted alleging misconduct, negligence, and more. D&O insurance also protects the board members or executive committee member’s personal assets. Lawsuit and settlement fees may be covered.

Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance 

If you are offering a professional service to others, you must have professional liability insurance in place to protect you against alleged negligence or failure to deliver a promised service. Professional liability commonly covers legal defense fees.

Commercial Property Insurance 

If you are looking for an office space to call home for your not-for-profit organization, it is essential to find a rigourous insurance policy in addition to a space with pleasing aesthetic. Without property insurance security, you may be left with massive expenses related to losses that occur in your building and in the adjoining buildings. An example is a fire in the unit next to your business that causes severe damage. This type of insurance may cover equipment damage, cleaning costs, and contents (e.g., laptops) that are used in and out of the office.  

What Additional Coverage is Available Under a Not-for-Profit insurance Policy?


Abuse Liability
Your not-for-profit organization employs staff, including full-time employees and often many volunteers that are working with the public and other third parties. Abuse liability insurance steps in when there are allegations of sexual abuse, harassment, or misconduct. Legal costs are often covered under this additional insurance protection. 

Cyber Liability Insurance
Protecting your business can feel like a full-time job, as cybercrime has increased tremendously over the past five years. Cyber-attacks, including hacking and phishing, are especially prevalent for small businesses, including not-for-profit organizations, who often do not have a huge budget for security compared to a large multinational corporation. Cyber liability protects your organization from data breaches and restoration of your computer systems in the event of an insured loss. Cyber insurance may also cover legal and other fees.  

Legal Expense Insurance
Imagine struggling financially in your business and suddenly, you are sued for malpractice or for an alleged physical abuse charge. Lawyer fees can be enough to financially ruin some organizations. Be prepared ahead of time. Get the financial protection you need with a reliable legal expense insurance plan.  

Does My Not-for-profit Business Need Insurance in Canada? 

Most not-for-profit organization leaders have volunteers and staff that are dedicated to the cause, recreational activity, or hobby as the main mission. But it is equally important to be committed to protecting your organization from closing shop. Having a secure insurance policy intact allows you focus on your work, instead of worrying about hazards, lawsuits, and other unfortunate events that could occur. An insurance policy is in place to protect you, your business and your staff and volunteers from financial loss.

What are Some Scenarios that Necessitate Buying Not-For-Profit Insurance? 

Your organization’s office may have people coming and going daily, so having a solid insurance policy is key to protecting everyone and everything. Below are several situations where you would need a not-for-profit insurance policy.

  • Collaborations with third parties (e.g., at-risk people, volunteers) 
  • Event hosting 
  • Visiting others in their office, visits from others in your environment 
  • Data protection 
  • Providing advice and services  
  • Employees and volunteers working off-site 

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Why Choose Rhodes & Williams? 

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The average cost for a not-for-profit insurance policy in Canada varies widely but can range between $450 to $1,000 per year. Factors that may affect your premium include the organization’s size, structure, number of employees, services offered, and more. Ask one of our dedicated not-for-profit brokers for a competitive quote. 

Deciding on the right insurance coverage for your business can be daunting, especially with the often-complex insurance lingo. Some of the important questions to ask our experienced brokers include what are the essentials coverage options for your unique business, what NOT to include in a policy, your coverage needs based on your risks, and more. Our brokers will ask you multiple questions to get to know you and your business so that you can be adequately protected in the event of a loss.

There are several ways to reduce your businesses’ insurance rate, even if you live in expensive cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Having a higher deductible (while not always preferred) will result in a lower premium. When you submit a claim, be prepared to pay the deductible amount up front. Combining various commercial insurance policies into one solid policy for your business may lower your insurance rates. Inquire about getting the best insurance rate for your business with a quick, free quote online. 

By law, insurance for your not-for-profit is not required but highly recommend to avoid financial depletion. Potential lawsuits and accident claims can leave your organization drained of money, or worse bankrupt. So, why take the risk of not having a secure insurance policy. Our expert brokers understand the not-for-profit business and have a network of insurers with a range of insurance rates. Discover an ideal premium rate today by contacting a specialized Rhodes & Williams insurance broker. With almost 90 years of experience, trust us to deliver what you need, every time.

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We offer competitive rates and impeccable service.

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