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Specialized Solutions Insurance

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Specialty Solutions Insurance: In-House and Tailored to Your Needs

We understand your industry’s unique challenges and risks as a business owner. Whatever industry you are in, we can help build a customized insurance solution to meet your specific business needs.

Specialized Solutions Insurance

We provide a broad variety of specialty insurance solutions to address specific areas, including crime, environmental exposures, employment practices, aviation, equipment breakdown and more. International shipments insurance is also an in-house specialty. Ask one of our skilled specialty insurance brokers for assistance in the area of your business.

What is a Specialized Solutions Insurance Policy?

A specialized solutions insurance policy is a custom solution for your business where the insurance coverage options are not covered in a more traditional insurance policy, such as a commercial property or commercial vehicle policy.

Commercial Crime Insurance

A commercial crime insurance policy protects your assets against losses from dishonesty, theft or fraud committed by employees or others. Our coverage can protect your company against computer fraud, property destruction, forgery and more.

Environmental Exposures Insurance

Environmental liabilities can impact any size of company, in any industry. Environmental exposures can be unexpected, or gradual in any sector of the economy. This type of insurance coverage is not dealt with under commercial general liability insurance or commercial property insurance policies. A pollution claim can come about for a company and be very costly and sudden. Ensure you have adequate environmental protection for your organization.

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Insurance

Employment-related grievances can turn into expensive claims against you as an employer. Employment practises insurance helps you tackle claims involving alleged employee discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and other employee issues. This coverage type includes liability loss prevention, executive protection, and defence for not-for-profit organizations, and more.

Aviation Insurance

Private or commercial flying requires protection against several risks. Aircraft owners and operators are protected under an aviation insurance policy under several coverage options, including Aircraft Hull Insurance (e.g., physical damage), and Liability Insurance (e.g., loss of cargo, injury to passengers). This insurance type also offers insurance protection for passengers, their baggage and cargo, spares, and more. Keep in mind that drones/UAV, float aircraft, gliders, and helicopters are also included under aviation insurance.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Owning expensive equipment is often part of owning a business, even when you are a small business. Equipment breakdown insurance, also called Boiler and Machinery coverage, helps you out when your equipment fails or there is internal damage, and it is required to operate your business. If equipment is damaged by external factors, such as water damage, fire, or weather, you can first look to your commercial property insurance policy for coverage. Other specialized insurance policies include international shipments insurance.

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Our expert brokers have helped hundreds of clients who have specialized needs, just like you. Your business is your livelihood, so taking care of it requires special treatment. We help you get the best rates at ideal prices. Contact us for a free quote today.

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Why Choose Rhodes & Williams?

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As an independently owned brokerage, we take care of our clients at every stage of the insurance journey, from the initial connection to the completion of each customer’s request, on time.

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We have a team of committed brokers, which allows us to be the go-to insurance brokerage in major cities in Canada. We provide impeccable service so you can go on with your life with your insurance needs taken care of.

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When you work with a specialized insurance broker, you get a Rhodes & Williams expert who has in-depth knowledge of your industry or area where you need coverage. Your needs as a business owner are at the forefront of the broker’s mind, even when they have multiple businesses they are dealing with. Our brokers’ authority and expertise will help you get the appropriate insurance coverage you need and as a result, create more opportunities for your business.

A specialized solutions insurance policy is geared towards contractors, social organizations, hospitality, entertainment, technology, and more.

Rhodes & Williams works with many insurance companies to get you a competitive insurance rate for your specialized solutions insurance policy. Working together, the combination of the insurer’s expertise in the niche markets and the broker’s understanding of their clients and a trusted relationship creates a perfect mix to find the best possible insurance coverage for you and your business. This mix allows you to thrive in your business and still have time to enjoy the rest of life, knowing your business needs are taken care of. 

The cost of a specialty insurance program will vary, based on the industry you are in and the insurance coverage you require. An experienced broker will work with you and find out more about your business and its unique needs. Based on their findings, they will build an insurance policy that matches your needs and your budget. Get a free, online quote today.

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