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Business Crime Insurance

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Business Insurance / Management Liability / Business Crime Insurance

Business Crime Insurance in Canada

A crime insurance policy will guard your assets against losses from theft, computer fraud, and forgery from your employees or others involved in your organization.  

Insurance Against Crime  

A crime insurance policy ensures your business’ property, certain equipment and funds are financially protected in the event of an insured loss.

What is Business Crime Insurance? 

Business crime insurance goes beyond trust in an employer-employee relationship and prepares your business for potential theft, fraud, or other crimes from within your organization (e.g., employees, volunteers). 

What is Covered Under a Crime Insurance Policy?

Crime coverage in Canada may offer protection from loss from internal threats that could cost your company thousands of dollars unchecked, including: 

  • Embezzlement, forgery 
  • Computer and wire-transfer fraud 
  • Other dishonest transactions  

A business crime policy applies to all employees: Part-time, full-time, temporary, and volunteers. 

What are Some Examples of Business Crime Claims? 

Small/large businesses are more susceptible to internal crime as they likely have less security compared to a medium-sized or large organization. Examples of business crime that would benefit from insurance include an employee taking small amounts of money from the company on a regular basis, forgery of cheques, an external company paying with counterfeit money, and more.

Do I Require Business Crime Insurance For My Small/Large Business in Canada? 

As small/large businesses in Canada are more likely to have financial constraints, theft and fraud may financially ruin a company without adequate business crime insurance. Most theft and fraud occur within an organization, but a company can be hit with a loss of funds due to theft from a customer or other third party.

How to Manage Crime-Related Risk in Your Business? 

If you have employees or volunteers in your business, you can take out a crime insurance policy or add this coverage to a package policy. Ask one of our Rhodes & Williams brokers about how you can get the best value and the best coverage for you and your business. We partner with multiple insurance companies to give you the ultimate insurance coverage in Canada.  

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For an accurate business crime insurance quote, consult one of our crime insurance brokers for a free quote. Make sure your assets and your employees are well protected.  

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The cost of business crime insurance varies across industries and other factors. In general, you will pay approximately $250 to $350 per year for a business crime insurance policy. Always consult one of our brokers if you are unsure about your insurance rate and coverage options.

Damage or loss from a burglary, break-in, or robbery is not covered under a business insurance policy. A crime policy also does not include damage or loss of business equipment or inventory, which goes under a commercial property insurance policy.

Calculating your business crime insurance rate considers your organization’s size, industry, employee numbers, revenue, and additional factors that could impact your annual premium. If you want a lower insurance rate, raising your deductible is an option. A higher deductible, though, leads to paying out more money when you submit a claim. Discuss your options with an expert Rhodes & Williams crime insurance broker for further details.

Embezzlement is one of the most important crime coverages offered for your business. Embezzlement is theft or misappropriation of funds or property from an internal employee. Speak to a crime insurance broker today about your unique risks and solutions for a profitable and secure business life. 

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