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Directors & Officers Insurance

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Business Insurance / Management Liability / Directors & Officers Insurance

Timely Protection for Your Directors & Officers

Rhodes & Williams helps public, private and not-for-profit board of directors and officers reduce their professional risk with a tailored and comprehensive insurance policy.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Managing a business can have its ups and downs, so it pays off to have an insurance policy that protects your organization’s directors and officers. A standard directors and officers (D&O) policy typically covers legal costs, settlements, and other costs associated with indemnification

What is D&O Insurance?  

Directors and officers liability insurance, also called Management Liability Insurance, protects your board’s directors and officers from alleged or actual mismanagement, or wrongful acts that could lead to hefty legal and settlement fees.  

Coverage For a D&O Insurance Policy

Directors and officers liability insurance protects the personal assets of directors and officers and their spouses in case they are sued by employees, vendors, or investors. Typically, D&O insurance includes: 

  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (wrongful termination, discrimination, failure to promote, sexual harassment, negligence, etc.)
  • Financial consequences for shareholders based on decisions
  • Breach of legal/fiduciary duties
  • Negligence and misrepresentation (alleged) 
  • Incorrect disclosure, misleading statements, reporting concerns
  • Failure to comply with provincial/federal regulations and laws

What are The Most Common Examples of D&O claims? 

If someone on your board of directors or an officer neglects to repay a loan, or your non-profit’s director mismanages funds, you may likely get sued. Other claim examples include wrongful dismissal, discrimination, lack of corporate governance, and failure to comply with regulations.

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We offer you an array of directors and officers insurance policy rates for you to choose from due to our connections with multiple insurers in Canada. It’s quick and easy to get a free online quote today.  

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Why Choose Rhodes & Williams?

  In Business for almost 90 years.

As an independently owned brokerage, we take care of our clients at every stage of the insurance journey, from the initial connection to the completion of each customer’s request, on time.

  Hands-on Insurance Services.

We have a team of committed brokers, which allows us to be the go-to insurance brokerage in major cities in Canada. We provide impeccable service so you can go on with your life with your insurance needs taken care of.

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Whether you need home, car, business, or recreational insurance in Canada – we have your back. See our Testimonials for proof of exceptional service. 


The cost of directors and officers’ insurance in Canada varies considerably from one policy to the next, due to the different combinations of coverage you can have in one plan. Our D&O brokers can help you set up a reliable and affordable plan for your size and type of organization. We provide D&O insurance quotes online, via email, or over the phone.

D&O insurance in Canada does NOT commonly cover criminal and fraudulent activities, illegal profits/pay, bodily injury, property damage, fines and penalties, unresponsiveness to health and safety concerns

Multinational executives require a multinational solution, which includes global and local policies. Consult a Rhodes & Williams broker right away to ensure you are adequately protected.

There are many factors that may affect a director’s liability insurance premium, including the organization’s size and type, number of employees, staff experience and training, prior claims, and revenue. Ask one of our specialized D&O insurance brokers for advice on what to add to your insurance policy. 

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We offer competitive rates and impeccable service.

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