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K&R Insurance

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K&R Insurance in Canada

If the worst-case scenario happens in a high-risk country, kidnap and ransom (K&R) insurance kicks in for the policyholder, with added peace of mind.

Protection & Security with K&R Insurance 

Does your business operate in potentially hostile international destinations, where kidnap and ransom are a legitimate threat? Typically, kidnap and ransom insurance is a stand-alone policy for employees who travel to international destinations with high-risk situations. Speak with a Rhodes & Williams broker to get the right coverage for your protection against situations involving kidnap, ransom, and extortion.  

What is K&R Insurance? 

Kidnap and ransom insurance is protection if you travel or work in high-risk areas where K&R is a risk. Originally focused on protection for high-income earners, kidnap and ransom insurance is now offered to middle income earners and young adults for business and personal travel. 

What is Covered Under a K&R Insurance Policy?

A kidnap and ransom policy may include the options below:

  • Ransom payment coverage
  • Crisis negotiator access  
  • Medical and Psychiatric care 
  • Legal Liability Coverage

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Ensure safety and security with a detailed kidnap and ransom insurance policy in Canada. A free online quote is available today from one of our expert brokers.

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The price of a K&R insurance policy varies depending on the situation of the policyholder. An experienced broker in the area of K&R will assist you with details of each component of your insurance plan, along with the costs.

Anyone can invest in a Rhodes & Williams’ kidnap and ransom insurance policy. Commonly, these types of policies are not top-of-mind, even when travelling in high-risk countries. Employers who send their employees abroad, or domestically, may want to consider a K&R policy due to instability in certain countries. Employers should consider adding an employee’s family, volunteers, and short-term, part-time and full-time staff to the policy. Ask a Rhodes & Williams broker for advice.

Expenses for several items in a K&R policy include accident & dismemberment, product recall, business interruption, and more. Consult one of our expert K&R insurance brokers for a rundown of what is included in a policy package.

Yes. Often, cyber-attacks are an add-on to a standard K&R insurance policy. Cyber extortion is a typical add on.

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