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Clinical Trials

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Clinical Trials Insurance: Tested Insurance Solutions

We provide clinical trials insurance solutions to institutional research organizations, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies to help reduce your risks.

Clinical Trials Insurance in Canada

Are you a sponsor, contract research organization or a principal investigator that requires protection for your clinical trials? We provide the relevant coverage at every stage of the clinical trial process. Our insurance professionals understand your specialized risks and can help you build a secure insurance policy.

What is Clinical Trials Insurance?

Clinical trials insurance is insurance that helps protect researchers and others involved in conducting clinical trials from potential negligence and no-fault harm.  

Health Canada approves 900 different types of clinical trials each year, including cancer treatment, pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, pediatric, long-term care, and many more.  

What is Covered Under a Clinical Trials Policy?


There are several coverage options under a clinical trials insurance policy. Your policy may include the following: 

Clinical Trials Liability:
We offer clinical trials liability at every phase of the trials for products, including drugs, medical devices, and more.  

Medical Expenses:
Supports patients for medical expenses at certain stages of the clinical trials.

No-Fault Compensation:
Also called non-negligent harm, no-fault compensation involves paying patients that suffer from unintentional physical harm, health impairment, or death from clinical trials.   

Clinical insurance coverage may also support clinical trial compensation guidelines, product-completed operations and professional liability coverage.

Consult one of our experienced brokers to build a unique policy for your needs and budget.  

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Consult one of our trusted specialized brokers for a free online quote and a comprehensive policy match. Our service excellence and our partnerships with multiple insurers allow us to offer you competitive prices. 

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When you request clinical trials insurance in Canada, you may need to present these documents below to your insurance company. The documents include:  
Clinical trial protocol document 
Consent documents 
Background information (organization involved & relationship to each other) 

Your policy limits may range from up to $20 Million (domestic) and up to $100 Million (foreign, combined). Incomplete limits could result in delayed clinical trials and shutdowns. Ensure you speak to one of our brokers who specializes in clinical trials insurance for a breakdown on limits and coverage options.  

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