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Hospitality Insurance

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Hospitality Insurance: Service Deserves Protection 

Your business is at the heart of what you do. But how do you adequately secure your assets, reputation and livelihood without breaking the bank? Ensure you have a solid hospitality insurance policy in place, so you are fully protected if property damage or injury occurs.

Hospitality Insurance in Canada 

Creating memories and experiences for other people is what you do as a business owner. Hospitality insurance allows you to help other people and manage your business without excessive costs for accidents and lawsuits that could shut your business down or land you into heavy debt.

What is Hospitality Insurance? 

Hospitality insurance is insurance recommended for businesses that anticipate the worst happening in their business and investing in an insurance policy that protects it from potential damages and financial losses.

What is Covered Under a Hospitality Insurance policy?

Whether you are opening a new restaurant, spa or art gallery, a comprehensive insurance policy is what you need. A standard insurance policy typically covers:

  • Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance:
    CGL insurance covers bodily injury and property damage claims. A common example is if a guest eats at your diner and suffers from food poisoning and sues you for medical expenses and lost time at work, you may be protected from a pricey lawsuit. In this scenario, product liability insurance would also be required to pay some of the medical expenses.
  • Commercial Property Insurance:
    Your business has buildings and contents that are the backbone of what you do. Commercial property insurance safeguards you if there is damage to your hotel, bed and breakfast, or other business caused by extreme weather, fire, flood, theft or vandalism, and more.
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance:
    In every industry, there is likely to be equipment that you use that will need repairs or replacement due to electrical surges or equipment malfunction. Small or large, your equipment is often the heartbeat of your operations. Be prepared and get equipment breakdown insurance to avoid costly bills.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance:
    Most businesses use a computer for internet sales or email to connect with their clients, leading to a huge exposure for cybercrime. As cyber-attacks have increased fivefold over the last five years, especially for small business owners, it is essential to be protected from all angles. For example, your business could get hit with a phishing or ransomware attack out of nowhere.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance:
    A delivery truck or other vehicle involved in transporting goods or people from A to B for your business could result in accidents or auto damage that you are not prepared to pay for. Commercial auto insurance gives you peace of mind on the road when you need it the most.
  • Commercial Crime Insurance:
    Your business is not immune to internal theft by employees. A crime insurance policy will guard your assets against losses from theft, computer fraud, and forgery from your employees or others involved in your organization.  


What are Other Key Insurance Policy Options Under a Hospitality Insurance Policy?

If you require a commercial property insurance policy, consider adding business interruption insurance coverage. Business interruption insurance protects you financially in the event of a loss causing you to temporarily close your business. 

Product liability insurance and legal expense liability are two other insurance options under the main hospitality insurance coverage. Our experienced brokers are available to answer any questions about these important coverage options.

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The cost of a hospitality insurance policy in Canada changes from one business to the next and from one province to the next. Your premium will also be based on many factors, including your business size, industry, number of employees, revenue, business location, and more.

A typical business that benefits from a hospitality insurance policy is a restaurant, motel, bed and breakfast, cafes, campgrounds, retail stores, and many more. Ask one of our brokers if you are not sure if your business qualifies for hospitality insurance.

Business interruption insurance is part of a commercial property liability insurance policy that includes protection for your business if an insured loss causes your business to temporarily closure. Lost income and overhead expenses are often included after a property loss.

A common insurance limit for general liability is between $1 million to $2 million. Most businesses in the hospitality industry choose the $2 million limit but it is wise to ask one of our brokers for their advice and direction based on your individual business requirements.

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