Client Centre FAQs

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What is RW Client Centre & RW Client Centre App?

Client Centre is a secure website you can access to view your policy documents and billing statements. The RW App is a mobile platform that provides access from your phone or tablet and has the same functionality as our Client Centre (web version).  

How do I register?

In order to self-register your account you must have your policy number, the email you would like to use for access to your account, your postal code and a password chosen by you. The password must contain at least 7 characters, 1 capital letter, 1 lowercase letter and 1 number. You must register with an auto insurance policy.

What is the Intact Client Centre and how is it different than the RW Client Centre?

Intact Insurance has also created a Client Centre where it provides many of the same features and benefits. It can be accessed directly through the Intact channels. Registering yourself with our RW Client Centre will allow you to stay connected to your Broker and allow us to provide the service and communication that is so important to the Broker/Customer relationship. Having said this, many of our customers have registered for both and the respective mobile app’s.

When will my Intact Insurance policy(s) move to paperless?

Once you register for our Client Centre, you will be able to access your Intact Insurance documents right away. Prior to your next policy transaction (for example, your renewal or any change to your policy where you would receive confirmation in the mail), you will receive an email from Intact Insurance to advise you of the transaction. Your renewal notification will normally go out to you 45-60 days before your policy renewal date.

Will any of my insurance documents be mailed to me?

Yes, you will continue to receive the following items by mail:

• Pink liability card (you can also view your pink card digitally through Client Centre and the App)
• Stand alone accounting notices (NSF recollections, account balance changes etc.) 
• Cancellation notices 

What if I want to continue to receive my documents via mail?

You may contact your broker and let them know you wish to receive paper copies in the mail. Alternatively, you can log into Intact’s Client Centre and manage your print preference on your Profile page. Note: managing your print preference is only available through Intact.  You will have access to view your documents online regardless of your print choice.

When will I see the changes I have made to my policy online?

Changes typically take up to 7-10 business days to show in your online account..

Can I see my payments online?

Yes, you can view when and how much your next payment is. Due to the data we receive from our insurance partner’s, payment information and electronic policy documents is limited to the document we receive digitally from Intact Insurance. If you have questions about your payments or policy coverage please feel free to contact us.

Can I make payments online?

Payments can be made online but NOT through the RW Client Centre. For more information on paying online, click here.

If two people are on a policy, who has access to the app?

Each customer has a profile and has access using a unique email address, however they will only see documents if their name is included on the insurance policy.

Does it matter which internet browser I am using?

Our web portal works best with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. If you are experiencing issues while using an alternate web browsers please try with one of our preferred web browsers.

How can I reset my temporary password?

If you were signed up through one of our brokers and you have a temporary password you will be able to reset your password once you log in the first time.

I am having difficulty registering?

If you are having difficulty registering your account please feel free to contact us so we can activate your account for you.