COVID-19 Updates from your Rhodes & Williams Group of Companies

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The COVID-19 situation is developing faster than anyone could have imagined. We will use this Page to provide any meaningful updates as they become available.

Current Situation

The short version is that currently our offices are closed to the public however, we are continuing to service our clients. We are following recommendations from official sources. We have very minimal staff in our physical office, with the majority of staff servicing our customer needs from home. We continue to be reachable by phone, email, through our client centre, and with chat on our website during business hours.


  • Original statement March 17th, 2020
  • March 24th, 2020 update – Ontario Closing at Risk Workplaces to Protect Health and Safety
  • Statements from Insurance Companies
  • Personal Lines FAQ’s
  • Commercial Lines FAQ’s

    Here For You ─ Information About COVID-19 (original post March 17th)

    We are closely following the guidance of reputable health and government authorities such as the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, the Public Health Agency of Canada and local public health officials to inform our decisions.

    In these challenging times, as COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving pandemic, we leverage the strength and knowledge of our organization in executing best practices to mitigate risks and deliver on promises. Now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to demonstrate our resilience as a Broker, and we are pleased to see the many proactive measures being taken within our industry to ensure the health and safety of customers, employees and partners.

    Staying the course

    We are regularly updating employees and taking proactive steps to maintain our service levels to our customers and our insurance companies in this changing environment.  

    At Rhodes & Williams, we are actively monitoring the situation and have established guidelines to help protect against spread of the virus in the workplace. Some of the measures we are taking include enhanced work from home arrangements, business and personal travel limitations, modified meetings through teleconference, as well as meeting and event restrictions.  

    Helpful information for your reference

    Internally, we have developed a couple of best practice documents that highlight some of the actions we are taking at Rhodes & Williams and for our customers, we are publicly addressing the most common questions our customer might have.    

    1. Policy Changes and Updates

    Although, most of our staff will be working from home, we have undertaken appropriates measures to ensure a fluent customer experience for you.  You should notice little change in connecting with us through your normal channels of communication (phone, email etc…).  Please continue contacting us as you always have.  

    2. Claims

    Insurance companies have mobilized staff to support you.  Every effort has been undertaken to continue to facilitate claims as they come in.  Please continue to report claims through your normal reporting channels.

    3. Questions related to Policy Payments

    We realize the situation is evolving rapidly and some customers may be contacting us about their payments.  Most of our customers have the capability to make electronic payments through direct channels to their respective insurance company.  However, our Brokers will continue to be available to support you with instructions in accordance with normal payment procedures. 


    Here are some of the most frequently asked question we’ve received so far in:

    Personal Lines

    Commercial Lines

    We’ll keep updating this section as new questions arise.

    Keeping you updated 

    In every decision we are taking during this time, we want to reassure you that we will continue to be guided by our values and purpose. We will prioritize the wellbeing of people and society while providing service to the highest standards possible under the circumstances. 

    We will keep you informed as the situation evolves.  Thank you for your continued support.

    Rhodes & Williams Insurance Brokers