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Emergency Claims Centre

Emergency Claim Events

Please see below for current and past catastrophes in our main trading area. These links will provide up-to-date information, instruction, and FAQ’s. During mass-claim situations, please be patient. Although your insurance company is doing its best, resources are strained in these scenarios. Wait and call-back times are usually longer than during normal periods.

Types of Losses, Event and Information

We have access to various sources of information that may help in the case of emergency and/or in preparation for such emergencies.

Planning ahead is your best protection. Review the information below.

1. Windstorm and Tornado – Damage to homes caused by hail or wind is generally covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. This includes damage caused by flying debris or falling branches. This would also generally include damage to your home and its contents when water enters through openings as a result of wind or hail damage.

2. Water and Flood – Most basic home insurance policies typically cover water damage caused from within the home, such as a burst pipe, but NOT for floods caused by water coming from outside like sewer backup, pump failure, and overland flooding. Coverage is available, check your policy to see if you have it, or contact your insurance broker if you would like it added.

3. Snow and Ice

4. Earthquakes – It’s a common misconception that basic home insurance covers earthquakes, when in fact it’s only available as an add-on.

5. Miscellaneous and Other


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