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Car Insurance

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Car Insurance

As a large, independent insurance brokerage, we have access to a huge selection of car insurance plans, allowing us to source the policy that meets your ideal needs and budget. Make sure you’re completely protected, without paying for extra coverage you don’t need.

Reliable Auto Insurance

As a large, independent insurance brokerage in Canada with access to a wide variety of insurers and policy options, Rhodes & Williams’ goal is to help find their clients adequate car insurance coverage tailored to their needs and budget.

Below, we cover some of the most common questions asked about a car insurance policy.

Do you Need Car Insurance in Canada?

Car insurance is mandatory for Canadian drivers and being caught without it will cost you a hefty fine and your license revoked. Another incentive to invest in the proper auto insurance coverage is financial protection for you and other drivers if you are involved in an accident.

Keep in mind that while a basic car insurance policy will keep you on the road, it will not provide substantial recovery and support in all scenarios.

Let us review the diverse types of coverage (mandatory and optional) under an auto policy to see what you need, or what may be missing.

What is Covered Under a Car Insurance Policy?

There are five basic car insurance policy coverage types: accident benefits, comprehensive, collision, third-party liability, and bodily injury/property damage.

Accident Benefits

By law, if you are involved in an accident, regardless of fault, and a person involved in the accident (drivers, passenger(s), pedestrians) is injured or dies, you or another insured driver may receive compensation. Benefits include medical expenses, rehabilitation, funeral and death costs, attendant care, and income replacement. Optional extra accidental benefits are also available (see below).

Bodily Injury/Property Damage Liability

When you are at-fault in an accident and injure someone, your policy may cover the other person’s medical costs and wage losses. Property damage covers expenses incurred to someone else’s property due to an accident.

Third-Party Liability

While the minimum third-party liability mandatory amount in Canada is $200,000, we recommend a much higher amount of $2 million in liability. Payment for property damages at $200,000 is capped at $10,000, so it’s worth it to be fully protected with a higher dollar amount. Third-party liability is included in a basic car insurance policy.

Collision or Upset Coverage

This type of optional coverage exists to help the driver recover the costs of damage to their vehicle after an at-fault collision (i.e., you hit another car or object). Is your car a write-off after the accident? Use your collision insurance to replace your car. But if you own an older vehicle, you may want to skip collision insurance as it may not be worth it (depending on vehicle value, financial security, etc.)

If in doubt, always ask a Rhodes & Williams broker, or your insurer to walk you through the insurance plan options. When you’re ready to set up a car insurance policy, it’s easy to get an auto insurance quote from one of our experienced brokers.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance includes protection against damage to your vehicle, not caused by an accident. This optional coverage protects you from expenses related to fire, theft, and vandalism to your vehicle, and weather-related damage, such as hail damage.

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We provide you with multiple insurance rate options for your car or auto in Canada. Contact one of our car insurance experts today for a free quote online or over the phone.

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Increased Accident Benefits

If you want an extra cushion if an accident happens, you can increase your accidental benefits amount as an additional item to your car insurance policy.

Loss of Use

If you require a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced due to an insured peril, loss of use coverage will likely cover the rental costs.

Accident Protection Waiver

Like a poncho in a rainstorm, the accident protection waiver insurance gives you that extra boost in coverage when you need it the most. If you have your first at-fault accident, this type of coverage prevents your insurer from raising your insurance premium.

Non-Owned Automobile Extension

If you drive a car that you do not own but you require vehicle insurance, non-owned automobile extension is the coverage you need.

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As an independently owned brokerage, we take care of our clients at every stage of the insurance journey, from the initial connection to the completion of each customer’s request, on time.

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We have a team of committed brokers, which allows us to be the go-to insurance brokerage in major Canadian cities. We provide impeccable service so you can go on with your life with your insurance needs taken care of.

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Yes! If you combine your home and auto insurance policy under one insurance company, you will often save money. There are several other cost-cutting measures to consider, so make sure to ask your broker how else you can save.

Rhodes & Williams welcomes all questions. Our dedicated team of broker experts can answer all insurance-related questions and will provide a friendly answer to help you decide on the right insurance for your unique situation.

A standard car insurance policy will include the basics that will protect you if nothing major happens. But you must consider that one day you may need extra coverage that will protect you beyond the basics. For example, you may want to consider extra accident benefits or collision insurance, especially if you have a newer car model. These questions are perfect to ask a Rhodes & Williams broker.  

The cost of a car insurance policy in Canada varies depending on many factors, but on average will cost you about $1,680 per year. The variables that impact your car insurance premium include your car model, your location, the city you live in, your age and driving history, vehicle infractions, and more.

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