We’ve gone paperless with Intact Insurance

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With almost every Canadian owning a smartphone or tablet, the Rhodes & Williams Group has made it easier for our Intact Insurance personal lines customers to access their policy information online. Intact is our first home and auto insurer to transition to paperless and our partnership together means adapting to the way customers expect to access their information and services.

What does this mean? Your action is required.

Personal lines customers with Intact Insurance will now have their insurance documents moved to digital. Register today to access your policy at the Rhodes & Williams Client Centre, either online or in the RW App. 

• View policy details 

• Submit policy changes 

• Access to proof of insurance slips

• Get updates from my Broker 

• Track my payments 

• Follow my claim 

Client Centre

RW Client Centre & Intact Client Centre – How are they different? 

Intact Insurance has also created a Client Centre portal where it provides many of the same features and benefits as ours.  It can be accessed directly through the Intact channels. Registering yourself with our RW Client Centre will allow you to stay connected to your Broker and allow us to provide the service and communication that is so important to the Broker/Customer relationship. Having said this, many of our customers have registered for both and the respective mobile app’s.

4 things that Intact customers should know

1. You Must Register

Your documents are only available once you have registered for Client Centre

2. April 30, 2020 Launch Date

After this date your documents will only be available digitally

3. Customer Notification

Intact Insurance will sending customer email notifications for renewals & policy updates

4. Can I Stay with Paper for my Policy?

Reverting back to paper copies is an option for all customers. Contact your broker to help with this

To learn more, see our FAQ’s

Client Centre

Access your insurance instantly

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• Easy 24/7
• Totally in my control
• Always available on demand

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Client Centre Mobile App

Insurance at your fingertips

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• View your policy on the go
• Anytime, anywhere

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