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Secure Cottage Insurance 

A home-away-from home, your vacation home, your seasonal abode. Whatever you call your second home, it requires care and maintenance just like your first one. Taking the time to invest in a proper cottage insurance policy with Rhodes & Williams is a great way to protect and care for all your assets in one place.

Cottage Insurance in Canada

Your cottage insurance policy can vary drastically based on many factors, including your usage frequency, if you have renters, and the location of your property, among other factors. So, it is key to know all your coverage options before you decide on the policy details. 

What Are The Basic Coverage Options For Cottage Insurance? 

Investing in a second residence is a huge deal. It is often a place to call home during the summer months or a holiday spot you visit monthly. Your first step is to find out what insurance options are available to you, so you can secure your cottage or lake home and get back to enjoying life near the water, or in the mountains.

Below we cover the basic insurance options and extras that will help make your cottage life less stressful in the event of an insured loss.

Coverage Options for Cottage Insurance in Canada

Cottage Insurance  
Canada has its share of winter storms and other hazards that can impact a home, and no home is immune to theft and vandalism. Once you have decided to protect your cottage from the elements, it is an easy step to call a Rhodes & Williams insurance broker for a free quote. 

Personal Liability Insurance  
Inviting guests to your lake home can be the start of some amazing memories for years to come. Accidents and mishaps may be the furthest thing from your mind when enjoying your slice of heaven. This is where personal liability insurance comes in, it covers accidental injury to your visitors. Every cottage owner has different needs and no one policy is the same, so it is essential to speak to your insurance broker about what you need year-round.

Contents Coverage 
Seasonal homeowners often take their clothes and other items back and forth when they visit. Contents coverage protects your personal items that stay at your seasonal home, while your belongings that are in transit are often covered under your primary home insurance policy. It is also important to check what limits you have with this coverage.

Additional Cottage Insurance Policy Options

Broader cottage insurance protection considers your personal belongings 12 months out of the year, including detached buildings you may want to protect, such as a shed or boathouse.

Dwelling Fire Coverage
Fires in your home can happen for a myriad of reasons, even with the best intentions to prevent them from happening. It is essential to have fire alarms and extinguishers on hand but also have a solid and reasonably priced cottage insurance policy in case of a loss to your  cottage.

Renting to others
The amazing thing about having a home near a lake is you can share it with friends and family and create traditions that last a lifetime. If you are thinking about renting your cottage or other secondary home to strangers, it is imperative to advise your insurance broker and get a comprehensive insurance policy to make sure you and your personal belongings are always protected.

Sewer backup and overland water protection
Sewer backup and overland water insurance likely is not covered under your cottage insurance policy. A frozen pipe burst is a hassle but especially when it happens when you are living in the city unaware. Rest assured that our brokers are well-versed in water protection insurance that goes beyond the mainstream water issues that can occur. We can help you get the best possible insurance coverage for your needs.

Umbrella Liability  
Extends your personal liability insurance limit amount for your main cottage area and all other properties stated in your cottage insurance policy. Other cottage insurance add-ons typically include valuable articles insurance, extra contents insurance, detached structures, and watercraft insurance.

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Our connections with many top insurers in Canada provide you with a myriad of insurance rate options for your cottage insurance policy. Find out how fast and easy it is to get a free online quote today. 

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It is a great idea to prepare answers to common questions your broker will likely ask you about your cottage. These questions may include the year your cottage was built, the structure (roof, siding materials, etc.), the size, how often you live in the home, do you rent your home out? You don’t need all the answers on the first call, so don’t let that slow down the process of getting a secure insurance policy that works for you. Questions to ask a Rhodes & Williams broker include what is not insured under a cottage insurance policy.

No, a cottage or secondary home is insured differently due to part-time occupancy and other factors. Typically, a cottage insurance policy is a Named Perils policy (specific items only) versus a comprehensive insurance policy (contents and structure) for your main homestead. For more information on different types of insurance policies for your house(s), contact one of our experienced brokers.  

Often, an insurance policy for a second home is more expensive than your primary home – especially if the owner is only using the property during the summer or for a short period of time. Why? The main reason your insurance policy will be more expensive is the higher risk associated with your second home. A Rhodes & Williams broker will give you a quick insurance quote with details on what you need, what you do not need, and why. 

Yes. If you are doing renovations on a cottage or secondary home, you still need to have third-party liability insurance due to potential injury to someone working or visiting the property and if someone unintentionally damages a neighbour’s property.

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