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Home Insurance

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Dependable Home Insurance 

Your home is one of your most valuable assets, so it makes sense to plan in case things go wrong. While it may sound scary to plan for the worst, it pays to have complete protection for your home. 

Homeowners Insurance 

You spend a lot of time and money on your home, so why not make sure it’s properly protected. No one wants to worry about external factors they can’t control but getting a home insurance policy to protect what you own is essential and something you can control. 

Do You Need House Insurance? 

There are many things that can happen to your home that could cost you money to repair or replace, like a hailstorm that destroys your roof, a flood that causes water to enter the basement or a fire that leaves you homeless for several months. You can entrust in a homeowner’s policy to be there when you need it the most.

It’s important to speak to a Rhodes & WIlliams insurance broker about your specific needs, as every home is different, and your policy should reflect your needs as a homeowner. It’s quick and easy to get a home insurance quote. 

What Are The 4 Different Types of Property Insurance? 

If you own or rent a full-time residence or a cottage in the warmer months, you require insurance to protect yourself and your personal belongings.

The 4 most common types of property insurance are:   

What is Covered Under a Home Insurance Policy? 

You have worked hard to create a home where you can relax, build memories, and entertain friends and family. You may also work from home, so there is a lot at stake if you lose your property, personal items or get sued. The home insurance you require includes comprehensive coverage and personal liability insurance coverage. 

  • Comprehensive
    A comprehensive house insurance policy will cover you if you need additional living expenses for temporary living or home repairs if there is damage due to an accident or vandalism (subject to policy terms and conditions). Other coverage includes theft, personal belongings (contents insurance), and some water damage coverage may apply.  
  • Personal Liability
    If you cause unintentional injury to someone else’s property, you may get sued. Personal liability protects you in these scenarios.

What Options Can I Add to a Home Insurance Policy? 

A basic home insurance policy does not include every scenario. Discuss your situation with your insurance broker so you are adequately covered. The add-ons to your home insurance policy can include the items below, which may save you hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on where you live and what you own.

Sewer-Back up & Overland Water Insurance, you may want to consider adding sewer back-up and overland coverage for extra protection. 

Sewer back-up is water damage from the back-up or escape of water/sewage from a sump pump, sewer or septic system.  

Overland insurance, sometimes referred to as flood insurance, may cover you if surface water enters your home through a window or door. Individual insurance companies define overland water insurance differently, but in general, it may provide coverage for damage from an overflowed lake or river, or the sudden overflow of water from surface waters (rainfall, thaw).

Umbrella Liability Insurance 
Umbrella liability insurance gives you an extra cushion of protection if the worst happens. A good example is if your home insurance policy has $2 million in personal liability insurance, a visitor is injured and requires $4 million in lifetime care, your umbrella policy may cover the $2 million remainder.  

Earthquake Insurance 
Earthquake insurance is not required in Canada but it’s a home insurance policy add-on that will give you peace of mind.  

Valuable Articles Insurance 
If you have pricey items including jewelry, art, antiques and other valuables, it may be worth the extra insurance to protect your personal stuff. Valuable articles insurance may limit the number of personal belongings you can insure but does not include a deductible.

Remember, every home is unique. Your home insurance policy will differ from your neighbor’s policy. If you have any questions, please reach out to a Rhodes & Williams broker. Our job is to help you find what you need —quickly and easily

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It’s quick and easy to get a home insurance quote, either online or by calling one of our expert home insurance brokers. Find a suitable premium that works for you and your home.  

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We welcome all questions from our valued clients and new people who are interested in the services and guidance we have to offer. Our dedicated team of broker experts can answer all insurance-related questions and provide friendly answers to help you decide on the right insurance.

Personal liability insurance is insurance included in a property insurance policy (house, condo, tenant) that protects you (and family members) when you unintentionally cause bodily injury to a visitor or are responsible for property damage. The most common examples are a slip and fall, dog bites, falling trees, and more. If someone sues you, you don’t want to be out-of-pocket for the expenses. It is best to speak to a Rhodes & Williams broker to determine what limits you need. 

There are several add-ons you can tack on to your home insurance policy, including sewer back-up and overland water insurance. Neither option is included in a basic home insurance policy. There are other add-ons to a home insurance policy, including an Umbrella Insurance. Please contact a Rhodes & Williams broker for advice. 

Yes, bundling more than one policy with one insurer may lead to a reduced insurance rate, if you set the insurance policy up with a sole insurer. Meaning, you won’t save if you have home insurance with one insurance company and car insurance with another insurer.

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