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Are you searching for a pet insurance policy
that will take care of your precious dog or cat when you need it the most? Rhodes & Williams does the legwork to find you the best plan for you and your furry friends.

Pet Insurance in Canada

As a pet owner, you understand how expensive veterinarian bills can be. Pet insurance can be the difference between caring for your animal or saying good-bye to your loyal companion. We know you love your pet. That’s why our brokers are connected to leading insurers that have a variety of pet plans at reasonable rates, so you can protect your finances without breaking the bank.  

Coverage for Pet Insurance in Canada

A pet policy is a must if you don’t have money saved up for unexpected accidents and illness for your felines, dogs, or other pets. Basic coverage includes the following options:

Accident and Illness 
This coverage typically covers hospital visits (emergency and planned), surgery, and treatment from accidents, injuries, surgery, and more. Common injuries include cut paws, food blockages, and much more. 

Your dog or cat may not enjoy getting their teeth brushed but it can be a great preventative measure to avoid costly health issues that can arise from teeth decay.

Wellness and Alternative Therapies 
Your pet is definitely part of the family, so why wouldn’t you try alternative therapy for your dog or cat. While most insurers do not include alternative therapy under a pet policy, it is worth looking around. Alternative therapy including chiropractic, hydrotherapy, and physiotherapy are just a few alternative therapies offered to your pet.  

Additional Pet Insurance Options

Optional Flex Care
Pet vaccinations and nail trimmings can add up to a hefty bill at the end of the year. It’s common for dogs and cats to live up to 18 years or more, so it is prudent to have pet insurance or put money into a pet fund of your own. Services under an optional flex care plan include yearly physical exams, nail trimming, regular vaccinations, medications, and more.

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Pet insurance policy rates vary, but on average you could pay between $30 to $40 per month if you live in a major city in Canada.

It depends on the pre-existing condition. Some insurance companies will set you up with a pet policy if your pet has a condition, but many may not. For example, if your cat has stomach issues and has had surgery prior to your request for a pet quote, you would likely be denied. In other cases, you may start paying for pet insurance but when you submit a claim, you could be denied reimbursements. Speak to an expert Rhodes & Williams broker before you decide.

There are several factors that could affect your pet insurance rate in Canada, including your location, the age of your pet, a preexisting condition, breed, and your deductible. Get a quick online quote, or speak with one of our pet insurance brokers.

Typically, a pet insurance policy can be effective the following day after filling out a form online or going through your insurer or a brokerage.

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