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RV Insurance in Canada

Canada is a playground for your recreational toys in every season, from your tent trailer in the summer to your motorhome or mobile home year-round. Your lifestyle and budget are a big part of finding the right recreational vehicle insurance policy. At Rhodes & Williams, we make your journey much easier with reliable rates and a solid RV policy.

Reliable Recreational Vehicle Insurance in Canada

Recreational vehicle insurance is not mandatory in Canada but necessary for you to avoid out-of-pocket expenses in the event of an accident. Keep in mind when searching for an RV policy, your home and auto insurance policies will not cover your snowmobile, travel trailer, or other recreational vehicles after an accident or other loss.

Do You Need RV Insurance in Canada? 

Insurance may be optional in Canada but the downside of going without is a deterrent. Trailers and other RVs cost thousands of dollars and an accident or any damage would result in huge out-of-pocket costs for repairs or replacement.

What Type of RV Insurance Coverage is Required? 

There are several different types of RV insurance options for your motorized and non-motorized vehicles in Canada. Below we get into the basics and then the additional coverages you can add on to your RV insurance policy.

Coverage for Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational vehicles include everything from snowmobiles, travel trailers, ATV’s, motorhomes, and more. While some insurance companies have different coverage options, we detail the basics in an RV insurance policy below.
Personal liability insurance protects you when someone in your RV or on your property gets injured or hurt.  

Emergency Vacation Expenses 
Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. Be well prepared with emergency vacation expenses insurance: food and accommodation are covered so you can get back to holiday mode.  

Content Replacement 
While some of your content coverage can appear through your home and/or auto policy, those insurance policies might be insufficient. Whereas content replacement insurance specifically for your RV focuses on reimbursing the policyholder after an insured loss.  

Additional RV Insurance Options  

It is key to have additional insurance protection for your recreational vehicle in case you need it. A recreational vehicle insurance policy in Canada will help you get the exact protection you need, nothing more, nothing less.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost 

This coverage pays for a new and comparable recreational vehicle if you have an insured loss with a complete loss (write-off). This is depreciation-free coverage compared to current value.  

Valuable Plus Insurance 

You are likely to carry more belongings in a motorhome compared to a snowmobile. In this case, you would need additional content limits insurance, so all or your precious items are protected, including devices.

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Why Choose Rhodes & Williams?

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As an independently owned brokerage, we take care of our clients at every stage of the insurance journey, from the initial connection to the completion of each customer’s request, on time.

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We have a team of committed brokers, which allows us to be the go-to insurance brokerage in major cities in Canada. We provide impeccable service so you can go on with your life with your insurance needs taken care of.

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Whether you need home, car, business, or recreational insurance in Canada – we have your back. See our Testimonials for proof of exceptional service. 


If you love to go down south to seek a warmer climate, a snowbird RV policy may be ideal for your needs. Ask one of our experienced brokers for information on an RV policy tailored specifically for you. We provide free online quotes with various insurers, so you can choose the rate that fits your needs and budget.

Yes, Rhodes & Williams tailors your recreational vehicle insurance to meet your exact needs. An RV policy is commonly personalized based on usage. Do you use your mobile home or motorhome full time, or do you use your travel trailer only a few weeks during the summer.

Yes. If you own and use a motorized RV in Canada, you must legally get insurance. If your non-motorized RV is NOT parked or hitched to a car or truck, you must have RV insurance, i.e., your auto policy will not cover any damage or other losses.

Recreational vehicles cover a wide range of vehicles, including snowmobiles, ATVs, travel trailers, motorhomes, mobile homes, park models, and more. Whatever type of RV you have, we can shop around for you with our insurer partners and get the right insurance rate and coverage you need. 

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