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Boat Insurance

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Speedy and Reliable Boat Insurance 

Are you looking for a solid boat insurance plan for your weekend and vacation adventures? Look no further — Rhodes & Williams have been marine insurance experts for decades, which allows them to deliver a comprehensive package for you and your boats at every turn. 

Boat Insurance in Canada

A personalized boat insurance policy in Canada is ideal for the adventurer at heart who wants to know they are protected on the water and on land. Rhodes & Williams’ brokers provide you with a secure policy that allows you to enjoy the beautiful lakes and shores with family and friends, knowing you are covered.  


Do You Need Boat Insurance in Canada? 

A boat insurance policy in Canada is not mandatory but if you want to take your speed boat, sailboat, or other motorized boat out on the water, it is always recommended. 

You will not need a separate policy to own and use a canoe or other small unmotorized boat, which typically falls under your homeowner’s policy — wherever you live in Canada.  

What Type of Boat Insurance Coverage is Required? 

There are several boat insurance coverage options for the boat enthusiast, which covers various risks associated with operating your boat and you and your guest’s safety on the water.  

A few risks include capsizing, collision, fire, storms, and theft. 

Coverage for Boat Insurance in Canada

Boat insurance, also called watercraft insurance, is like a car insurance policy because it may provide protection against physical damage and personal liability in the event of an insured loss.  

Physical Damage Coverage 
Having a boat to enjoy the warm months can be super enjoyable, especially if you consider the possibility of accidents before you head out on the water. Boat insurance ensures your boat, the motor, equipment, and you and your passengers’ personal property are protected in the event of an insured loss, theft, or damage.  

Boat Liability  
There are two main liability options typically available: personal liability and medical expenses. 

Personal Liability Coverage  
If you are involved in an accident while trailering your boat or on the water, you will be at risk of legal liability and legal obligations, including injury, property damage and legal fees. Personal liability coverage protects you financially.  

Medical Expenses
If you have an accident, your boat insurance policy will cover you up to your stated limits in your policy for ambulance, hospital, and medical costs.  

Additional Boat Insurance Options

Emergency Services 
Even the most skilled boaters can be involved in an accident. Emergency services (e.g., emergency towing) can help you get out of the water and to safety without worrying about a huge bill.  

The repairs coverage is an additional option to your boat insurance policy, which includes repairs as a preventative measure from additional damage occurring.

Wreck Removal
If your boat is ruined due to an accident (or other insured event) and it must be removed from a waterway, wreck removal coverage covers the costs of removal or destruction up to certain limits in your boat insurance policy.

Collision and Comprehensive 
Collision insurance is for when you hit another boat or other object (dock) and cause accidental damage. Comprehensive coverage protects you if you have hail, fire, theft, or other damage to your boat.

Other Add-Ons 
Other add-ons to your boat insurance policy commonly include fishing and other gear/equipment coverage and underinsured or uninsured boaters.  

Ask one of our Rhodes & Williams brokers for more information about your boat(s), how you can get the best protection, an inexpensive premium, and a fast quote for your insurance plan. 

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We get you a range of insurance rates for your boat insurance as speedy as possible. Call today for a free online quote from our experienced team of brokers.

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Why Choose Rhodes & Williams? 

  In Business for almost 90 years.

As an independently owned brokerage, we take care of our clients at every stage of the insurance journey, from the initial connection to the completion of each customer’s request, on time.

  Hands-on Insurance Services.

We have a team of committed brokers, which allows us to be the go-to insurance brokerage in major cities in Canada. We provide impeccable service so you can go on with your life with your insurance needs taken care of.

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Whether you need home, car, business, or recreational insurance in Canada – we have your back. See our Testimonials for proof of exceptional service. 


A boat insurance premium in Canada can be as low as $40 to $50 per month, or $480 to $600 a year but can vary considerably from province to province. There are many factors that can affect your boat insurance premium, including what city you live in, your neighbourhood, the model and year of your boat, and much more. Our Rhodes & Williams brokers are available to talk to you about your boat insurance policy today.

Unlike a vehicle insurance policy, a boat insurance policy is not mandatory by law. While it is not required, we recommend a boat insurance policy to protect you against physical damage, personal liability and much more. The exception for insurance is if you require a loan for the boat and then you will require insurance. For more information, please contact one of our experienced brokers to help you make an informed decision.

We recommend a minimum of $2 million in liability insurance and possibly higher limits, to ensure you are properly insured after an insured loss. The amount can also depend on whether you are moving your boat in busy waters, or you are mooring your boat for longer periods. Always contact a Rhodes & Williams broker for your options and if you need an explanation of the liability amount.

One way to lower your monthly or annual boat insurance rate is to raise your deductible amount. Ask a qualified Rhodes & Williams broker for an explanation of the risks involved in a higher deductible amount. 

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