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May 27, 2016 Auto Insurance Reform 2016 – A Case Study

I have been putting out a lot of information regarding the car insurance change in Ontario, which will affect you on the first renewal of your car insurance policy, after June 1st, 2016. There has been lots of media attention as well, but despite this, there are reports that only 42% of residents of Ontario are aware of the changes, and 18% know what the changes mean. These changes, and insurance in general, can be very confusing for some insurance clients. I have also discussed that everyone has different needs and that these changes allow your car insurance to be customized to what you need, while striving towards the goal of cheaper standard insurance across the province. I understand that this will be very confusing…

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Apr 21, 2016 Auto Insurance in Ontario Changes June 1, 2016

Your Auto Insurance Benefits are CHANGING June 1, 2016 As of June 1, 2016, the Ontario government has introduced changes to automobile insurance coverage to help make insurance premiums more affordable. The changes only apply to auto insurance policies issued or renewed on/or after June 1, 2016 Every 5 years, the government mandates a review of the auto insurance system. The outcome of this review will result in changes to the coverage that you currently have. At this time, Ontario has the highest level of standard coverage in Canada. These are coverages that you pay for, in your automobile insurance premium. To help stabilize rates, the Ontario government has implemented changes to auto insurance. Several measures are aimed at reducing fraud and abuse within the…

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Feb 29, 2016 Tips to Save Money and Energy This winter

There were some extremely cold days this year ─ obviously we have to stay warm. Here are a few tips to have your heat running, but keeping your costs down. 1. Prevent drafts Make sure all of your doors have properly installed weather stripping. Silicone around windows, or plastic wrap can be used as a temporary substitute. 2. If you have a chimney, block it or use it Heat rises and will quickly find the quickest way out. Use a properly installed blocker to block the damper or use the fireplace for what it was made for. Make sure it has been properly maintained and cleaned before its being used. A fireplace can heat the room you’re using most while…

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Feb 25, 2016 Spring Thaw

Spring is on the way, protect your home during the thaw! Do you feel the temperature rising? Do you hear the birds chirping? Are you starting to see more sunlight? Don’t be fooled ─ despite it being well below 0 degrees, spring is right around the corner! Here are some tips to help your home once the thaw begins! 1. Make sure that all water is running away from the home and not towards it Shovel trenches or paths that run away from the home Make sure all downspouts and eaves troughs are pointing away from the dwelling Remove ice or snow blockage from the bottom of the downspouts to make sure they are operating properly 2. If you have a basement that does flood,…

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Dec 7, 2015 Tips to Help You Prepare for Winter

updated Nov. 09, 2018   “Winter is Coming” is not only the motto for House Stark of HBO’s medieval fantasy series, Game of Thrones. These three words are enough to send chills down your spine. The winter blues, cold nights, -40 °C days, endless shoveling – living in Canada, winter is inevitable every year. The best thing we can do is prepare, or if you can afford it become a snow bird – but that’s unrealistic for many of us. Here are some great tips to prepare you for the winter. Tips for the Home De-clutter your Gutter A clean, good working gutter is essential to keeping a well maintained home in the winter. Before the snow starts to fall, make sure to unclog…

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